Artist Statement


To me, making art is a way of channeling and expressing myself visually. All my pieces are unplanned and I work in a process-driven way. While working on a piece, I allow my intuition to take over and transform my feelings onto the canvas.

I typically work in acrylic and other mixed media on paper or canvas.

I've always felt in tune with the energy current present in our physical world. Whether it's a dynamic relationship, an emotional state or an organic element, abstract art is my way of expressing how I perceive and experience that energy. Through my art I seek to capture the subtleties and magic of everyday life.

The wild is calling, let us go.
— Robert W. Service


The creative process is my greatest teacher. As a truly sensitive, creative and self-conscious person, I am constantly exploring new ways to express myself. But it wasn't until I discovered the tangible and expressive nature of abstract art, acrylic paint and large canvasses that I finally found my true home. 

I believe that creativity and art have the power to awaken, heal and transform us. It can serve as a gentle guide back to that place of freedom, intuition, courage and trust. 

After building a successful business in Amsterdam from the ground up for 3 years, I felt stuck and unsatisfied. Although it felt like I was living the dream, I had to acknowledge I had been building a dream that wasn’t mine. It was time to strip things down and discover my own voice instead of listening to that of others. So I left the business and decided to pursue work as a full-time artist in Berlin.

Using the power of movement and art, I allow myself to take a jump into the unknown and I love helping others to do the same through heart-opening and creative workshops. When I’m not making art, I empower creative small business owners to create a business that represents who they are and show this in their work so they can pursue their dreams too.