About me

I am a Berlin-based visual artist. In 2016 I quitted my job as the founder of training institute De Upstarter to follow another path, create more space for my creativity and built my dream. I decided to move from Amsterdam to Berlin to pursue a career as an artist.

Since one year I am actively creating intuitive and abstract art. Using the power of movement and art, I allow myself to take a jump into the unknown and I love helping others to do the same through heart-opening and creative workshops.


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About my work

I see the creative process is my biggest teacher. I believe that creativity and art have the power to awaken, heal and transform us. It can serve as a gentle guide back to that place of freedom, intuition, courage and trust. 


To me, making art is a way of channeling and expressing myself visually. All my pieces are unplanned and I work in a process-driven way. I typically work in acrylic and other mixed media on paper or canvas. While working on a piece, I allow my intuition to take over and transform my feelings onto the canvas.


I've always felt strongly influenced by the energy present in our physical world has on me. Whether it's a dynamic relationship, an emotional state or an organic texture, abstract art is my way of expressing how I perceive and experience that energy. Through my art I seek to capture these moments and colour the world around me.



Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibition


Solo Exhibition Outside World & Inside Universe, IdéFix, Amsterdam, NL

Group Exhibitions


Group Exhibition E2, Ladder Art Space, Melbourne, Australia


Group Exhibition Transition, Kungerkiez Gallery, Berlin, DE


Group Exhibition THEN, Memphis Projects, Melbourne, Australia


Groups Exhibition Silent Perceptions, Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, DE


Group exhibition E1, Berlin, DE